Writing exercise: decribe a scene

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325px-Pina_BauschThe audience glided quietly among theatre’s seats almost as they were outlining Pina Bausch movements that would take place soon after. No, it is not about Pina by herself, yet Pina by Win Wenders.

Then, the projection reveals eleven women dancing in diamond formation, a soft diamond sliding across the stage, which deforms with an imaginary wind that dripps over dancers’arms.

Many arms go into action again, this time are male ones who grope, grab and arrange a woman. And another woman then falls toward the floor until she finds a pair of arms to prevent shock.

As antithesis, from the fall to the peak, conquested by a dancer-actor in a burst of happiness that echoes in a couple that intertwines in the hard city. Hardness of the rock from where someone jumps, followed by another one who struggles to escape. On the beach, a woman walks while another just bear. Several up-and-are follwed by jumps, falls, pendulums, joins and disjoins and now dance is the main agent telling the story.

The dance acts.