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  • Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (EPUSP) – scheduled to be completed in April/2016
    Master on Transportation Engineering
  • Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) – concluded in 2014
    Specialist on Participatory Democracy, Republics and Social Movements
  • Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (EPUSP) – concluded in 2012
    Bachelor on Civil Engineering/Architecture course (seven-year course)


  • Applied Econometrics – concluded in 2015
    FIPE – Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas
  • The Data Scientist´s ToolBox – concluded in 2015
    Coursera Online Course – Johns Hopkins University
  • R Programming – concluded in 2015
    Coursera Online Course – Johns Hopkins University
  • Getting and Cleaning Data – concluded in 2015
    Coursera Online Course – Johns Hopkins University
  • Exploratory Data Analysis – concluded in 2015
    Coursera Online Course – Johns Hopkins University
  • Regression Models – concluded in 2015
    Coursera Online Course – Johns Hopkins University
  • Urban Mobility Management Course – concluded in 2013
    ANTP – Associação Nacional de Transporte Público – Online Course
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility in Developing Countries – concluded in 2013
    UNITAR – United Nations for Training and Research – Online Course
  • Regional School MOST: Youth participation and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean – concluded in 2013
    UNESCO – Organização das Nações Unidas para a Educação – Online Course
  • Social Control and Citzenship – concluded in 2013
    CGU – Controladoria Geral da União – Online Course
  • Web Intelligence and Big Data – concluded in 2013
    Coursera Online Course – New Delhi University
  • Writing in the Sciences – concluded in 2012
    Coursera Online Course
  • Pathologies of Concrete Structures: Myths and Truths – concluded in 2010
    Extracurricular Course with Prof. Paulo Helene
  • From Technics to Technology – concluded in 2010
    USP Extracurricular Course with Prof. Marilena Chauí
  • The Government School of São Paulo – concluded in 2005
    Government leaders formation course


  • METRÔ – Cia. Do Metropolitano de São Paulo
    Civil Engineer, acting on the supervision and coordination of monorails and subways engineering projects – since July/2014
  • CAPES – Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Higher Education Personnel Training Coordination)
    Masters fellow on the theme “Transport and gender” – from February/2014 to July/2014
  • METRÔ – Cia. Do Metropolitano de São Paulo
    Construction and Costs Technician, acting on the supervision of civil works (Tamanduateí Station and Gold Line – East Monorail), systems deployment like platform doors (Vila Matilde Station) and telecommunications (Line 1) – from March/2010 to September/2013
  • BNA Engenheiros Consultores – Grupo L. A. Falcão Bauer
    Consulting trainee, worked preparing reports on pathological manifestations in concrete structures – from January/2008 to March/2010
  • RIOURBE – Empresa Municipal de Urbanização (Rio de Janeiro City Hall)
    Award from the 2006 Ousadia Contest – planning and project trainee – in July/2007
  • EGT Engenharia
    Award from the 2005 Ousadia Contest – structural calculus trainee – from January to February/2007


  • Let´s GO Civic Hackathon
    Mentor in Technology trend in December/2015
  • OpenDataDay 2015 in São Paulo
    Organization by PoliGNU, with Thacker and Municipalitty in February/2015
  • Gender Hackathon
    Co-organization with the Chamber of Deputies LabHacker in November/2014
  • Civil Society Organizations Hackathon
    Gender coach – immersion weekend in May/2014
  • Evaluation of “Ser” teaching method – Abril Publishing House
    Formulation of High School math exams – from November to December/2010
  • Cursinho do Grêmio Politécnico da USP
    Mathematics teacher and pedagogical coordinator for pre-university community course – from August/2006 to December/2008
  • Basic Cycle Pedagogical Orientation of Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo
    Scholar, worked organizing pedagogical activities on EPUSP, such as educational evaluation system, lectures, scheduling meetings – from April/2006 to April/2008
  • Teachers and Researches from USP Association
    Mathematics teacher for pre-university community course – from February/2006 to July/2010
  • Technical Draw discipline 1 and 2 from Polytechnic School
    Responsible for technical drawing and CAD software lessons – from March/2003 to December/2005
  • YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association
    Voluntary on pedagogical activities formulation along with Social Care Team to children from 7 to 14 years coming from low income families which lived in São Paulo’s Downtown – from January/2002 to December/2003


  • English (fluent)
  • French (advanced 1)
  • German (basic 4)
  • Spanish (basic 1)
  • Croatian (basic 1)


  • Knowledge in Windows, GNU/Linux, text editors as Word (MS Office), Writer (OpenOffice) and LaTeX, spreadsheets as Excel (MS Office) and Calc (OpenOffice), Access, MSProject and Gantt Project, presentation softwares as PowerPoint (MS Office) and Impress (OpenOffice), Internet, Gimp, Inkscape
  • Knowledge in graphical engineering softwares as AutoCAD, OpenSCad, MicroStation and Unigraphics
  • Good oral and written communication: guidelines, explanations and training, as well as formulation of documents (researches, thesis contributions, teaching materials)
  • Leadership:
    • PoliGen’s co-founder in 2012 and coordinator since then – PoliGen (Gender and Technology Studies Group from Polytechnic School);
    • PoliGNU’s co-founder in 2009 and member since then – PoliGNU (Free Software Studies Group from Polytechnic School);
    • Member of Pedagogical Council of The Government School of São Paulo between 2008 and 2010;
    • Student Representative in the Congregation of the Polytechnic School in 2008, 2007; 2004 and 2014;
    • Director of Grêmio Politécnico (Polytechnic School Students Union) in 2007;
    • Director of DCE-USP (University of São Paulo Students Union) in 2006;
    • Valedictorian of 2005 class of the government leaders formation course from The Government School of São Paulo in 2005;
    • Director of CEC (Civil Engineering Students Union of Polytechnic School) in 2005;
    • 1st woman president from Grêmio Politécnico in 2004.



  • 20th Metro and Rail Technology Week – São Paulo/2014
  • Paulistana Night Seminar – São Paulo/2014
    Participation in the debate “Culture and Tourism” giving the perspective of mobility
  • Campus Party Brazil – São Paulo/2014
    Participation in the debate “Encouraging the participation of women in technology and open source projects”
  • 19th Brazilian Congress of Transportation and Transit – Brasília/2013
  • Desarollando América Latina – DAL – Brasília/2013
  • 3rd Meeting Networks and Streets – São Paulo/2013
    Participation in the debate “Internet, Periphery and Political Participation”
  • III Colloquium on Gender in Latin America – Bogotá/2013
    Presentation of the work “The Entrance at the University of São Paulo”
  • III Internet Forum in Brazil – Belém/2013
    Promotion of the free workshop “Gender, internet and technology”
  • Technical Forum “Urban Mobility – Building Smart Cities” – Belo Horizonte/2013
    Presentation of the work “Two public: Transparency & Mobility”
  • Open Government Partnership Meeting – Brasilia/2013
    Participation in the formulation of the 2nd National Plan of Action as a representative of Transparency Hacker community
  • 19th Metro and Rail Technology Week – São Paulo/2013
  • International Academic Meeting “The Transport Sector Challenges for Population Health Improvement” – São Paulo/2013
  • 2nd Campus Mobile – São Paulo/2013
    Presentation of the app “Parliamentary Radar”
  • II Free Software Week in USP – São Paulo/2013
    Presentation of the app “Parliamentary Radar”
  • Campus Party Brazil – São Paulo/2013
    Participation in the round table “Women and Free Software”
  • FISL 13 – 13th International Free Software Forum – Porto Alegre/2012
    Presentation of the work “Parliamentary Radar – Analyzing parliamentary polls with open data”
  • YAPC::Brasil 2012 – São Paulo/2012
    Presentation of the work “Parliamentary Radar: Revealing the legislative policy”
  • 1st Workshop on Humanitarian Logistics – São Paulo/2012
  • The Developer’s Conference – São Paulo/2012
  • 1st USP Engineering Conference – São Paulo/2011
  • 16th Metro and Rail Technology Week – São Paulo/2010
  • Workshop “Didactic material: innovations and redefinitions” promoted by the publishers Elsevier and Campus in partnership with Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo – São Paulo/2010
  • 5th CINPAR – International Congress on Pathologies and Structures rehabilitation – Curitiba/2009
  • Seminar “The classroom that teaches” with Martin Carnoy from Staford University – São Paulo/2009
  • ICEE – International Conference on Engineering Education “New Challenges in Engineering Education and Research in the 21st Century” – Budapest/2008
  • Seminar Technology for Traffic Management – São Paulo/2008
  • Solutions for Infrastructure Engineering with the use of geosynthetics – São Paulo/2008
  • 1st Panel of Researches in Engineering and Urban Planning from Civil Construction Department of Polytechnic School of USP – São Paulo/2006
  • 48th Brazilian Concrete Congress – Rio de Janeiro/2006
    Participation of Ousadia Contest with the project of a combination of walkway and plaza connecting the Maracanã Complex and Quinta da Boa Vista region, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
  • 47th Brazilian Concrete Congress – Recife/2005
    Participation of Ousadia Contest with the desing of a bridge over the Rio Pina, in Capibaribe estuary, Recife (PE)
  • World Social Forum – 2005
  • World Education Forum– 2004
  • V International Congress of Graphics Engineering in Arts and Design – 2003
  • 16th National Symposium of Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing – Graphica 2003