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Writing exercise: Identify and describe a favorite activity or interest

Reading is to discover the world book

From my point of view, reading is the most enjoyable activity in life. The act of read means not only acquiring information and learning, but also providing physical and mental care.

To me, reading is the main resource of knowledge. The written word invention has been fundamental to mankind evolution throughout all our existence due to the fact it was the everlasting way we have found to transmit knowledge among generations. And today, despite all technological innovations that coexist, like radio, TV, and Internet, books still concentrate a cumulative knowledge that our species has produced without precedent.

In addition, reading is an excellent activity for learning foreign languages. Think back to when you were a child and the importance of children’s storybooks in learning your first language. This role remains when it is about foreign languages. It improves vocabulary, uncovers other cultures’ veil, leads to more highly-developed language skills, and contribute to write better. All this happens because we unconsciously absorb information as how to structure sentences and how to use words correctly.

Another point is that reading is healthy. We exercise our brains while encoding all that visual characters in abstract concepts inside our minds. This complex task strengthens brain connections and stimulates new ones creation. As an activity which requires focus and a kind of silence, it promotes concentration and helps to relax the body.

This quiescence of the body extended to the mind outlines an appropriate environment for imagination exercising. Whenever we read something we imagine sonorous, visual, and tactile aspects – we can even smell fragrances or feel compassion. In other words, we can really engage in a story and access a world of fancy; moreover, the possibility of escape from reality is a very healthy and necessary practice to deal with daily routine.

So, I am convinced that reading is a great entertainment, beyond an amusing and useful way to apprehend the world.

Writing exercise: decribe a scene in nature

At a glance that sunflower field reminded me of my grandfather who cultivated gardens throughout all his  life. Although it seems a homogeneous mass, each flower has its own life and needs to be cared for with love. Every little expression of life in there grows toward the sun in order to borrow its light and rehearses a mimetic movement stealing from wind its vitallity. They support each other, jointly and severally, over at least ten square kilometers, since they seem to understand that life in solitude is meaningless. The surrounding trees shadow paths for sunflower fans and clouds visit the sky in order to bring water to all life expressions. Bees pollinate as an amusement act such as the kids crossing the field. Other insects, crawling ones, eat weed and protect this tiny paradise. In adittion to inspiring painters, lovers and musicians; the yellow and the green play with each other and protect small animals. Finally, I reminded my grandpa last great lesson about gardening: to respect and to appreciate every particular beauty.