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Writing exercise: decribe a scene in nature

At a glance that sunflower field reminded me of my grandfather who cultivated gardens throughout all his  life. Although it seems a homogeneous mass, each flower has its own life and needs to be cared for with love. Every little expression of life in there grows toward the sun in order to borrow its light and rehearses a mimetic movement stealing from wind its vitallity. They support each other, jointly and severally, over at least ten square kilometers, since they seem to understand that life in solitude is meaningless. The surrounding trees shadow paths for sunflower fans and clouds visit the sky in order to bring water to all life expressions. Bees pollinate as an amusement act such as the kids crossing the field. Other insects, crawling ones, eat weed and protect this tiny paradise. In adittion to inspiring painters, lovers and musicians; the yellow and the green play with each other and protect small animals. Finally, I reminded my grandpa last great lesson about gardening: to respect and to appreciate every particular beauty.